The Music that changed the World.

This exciting " Smash Hit " transports you back to 1967's San Francisco to celebrate the musical legacy of the artists who transformed the social fabric of America in a cultural explosion known as '"the Summer of Love". The Haight Ashbury district was a bohemian area that attracted a wide diversity of people who all had one idea in common; cultural revolution. By the mid 1960's so many beatniks, spiritualists, artists and musicians had come together and created so much groundbreaking art that it has now gone down in modern history as a renaissance.


This artistic vanguard explored the musical landscape fearlessly and powerful music was created that would go on to transform popular culture. These psychedelic sounds were popular and radio enthusiastically embraced them. The youth of American tuned in and turned on. The Music spread the message, "make love not war" and a wave of social and political change swept from San Francisco, across America and from there around the World.

In the "Superb", Songs of the Haight Ashbury Stage Show your host is stand up comedian, S Sorrensen. He playfully guides the audience through these "hymns of a generation" NR Echo. James T, 10 years the singer with Canned Heat, performs the songs he knows so well. Lil'Fi sings Janis Joplin with a unique authority, this spirit-raiser has been described as channeling Janis. Connor Cleary is electrifying and breathes Hendrix from every cell . Bill Jacobi's sweet finger-pickin plays tribute to Country Joe and Arlo Guthrie. Andrea Soler sings Joni Mitchell with her pure honeyed tones. Mystical and enigmatic, Diana Anaid performs the music of Grace Slick as only one who has been down the Rabbit Hole can.

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