Wednesday 14 November - 11am show  Blue Mountainous Theatre The Hub


The Life and Music of The Bee Gees



The story of the Brothers Gibb is a roller coaster ride of triumph and tragedies, setbacks and comebacks and during a career that spans more than 40 years they have repeatedly shown a unique ability to reinvent themselves. Defining a musical era that was “Disco”, film scores and countless hits covered by every type of artist.


The production will take the audience down memory lane from the brothers humble beginning in Manchester England to the sunny beaches of Brisbane  Australia. It will take you back to their early success in the UK to being the biggest act in the world with the release of Saturday Night Fever an album which at its height was selling more then a 1000,000 copies a week. 


The band features a stable of international artist from the UK that will recreate the unique sounds of the Bee Gees and will have any audience believing that they are listening to the real thing.


This stage show is a production like no other with imagery, footage and music that will take the audience on a journey they will never forget.


Featuring all the hits you would expect to hear from the brothers, the stories you may not know and a band that will thrill you to the core.

© 2016 Chris Keeble -

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